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Information resources

Ancient documents (Ancient Collections)
     Is a source for collecting, storing, preserving and providing ancient documents for inscriptions Thai book, leaf book, which is a cultural heritage, reflecting the wisdom of recording Science of Thai ancestors

Rare Books
     Books and documents that are valuable in both content and printing The researcher cannot find it from the general library. And do not remember the units in the market Currently, the National Library Maintain valuable rare books as national intellectual property. Which has passed the process of implementing the principles of library science in the amount of more than 50,000 books, including the royal thesis, the thesis, the royal books of King Chulalongkorn And other royal family documents, original documents, writers Books printed at the beginning First edition book And printed on various special occasions including books that are outstanding There are beautiful books and valuable illustrations, etc. In addition, new books that are considered to be special books that are rare in the future as well.

Chinese Collections
     The National Library stores and gathers Chinese information resources. Which is a language that plays an important role in the current world stage and tends to be more important in the future The National Library therefore arranges a room for Chinese information resources to provide a form of giving. Modern service So that people can easily access Chinese information resources quickly Meet the needs and cooperate Network for information sharing between libraries in the country and abroad That provides Chinese information resources

Music Information Resources (Music Collections)
     The National Library collects and preserves Thai manuscripts and international songs as heritage. National cultural treasures As well as being a center for research in music Which will benefit the people and youth of the country in the study of Thai music and international music Especially the royal song And royal music duties of His Majesty King Rama IX in all forms of visual media, books, documents and music

The development of the National Library is a modern learning resource.
     In order to keep up with the changing society that enters the information age and telecommunications (digital age). Borderless information Making people need to develop themselves to be knowledgeable Can live in the changing world of the system, students and the general public Expectations to receive good information services from government agencies The National Library therefore needs to improve the new management to meet the needs of the users with maximum efficiency. Which the Cabinet approved "National Library Development Plan to be a modern learning resource" and budget for the construction of a new National Library building on June 26, 2007 to allow users to receive good information services According to the government policy that requires the National Library Is a quality agency Respond to lifelong learning And promote national art and culture effectively

Book classification for service
     The National Library has more than 1 million modern service books and categorizes them with an international classification system called the Dewey Decimal Classification system. There are also agencies that coordinate with other internal and external agencies. Country To exchange knowledge and opinions on the library And library