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Service Rooms
Building 2, National Library

    1st Floor (1st Floor)
         Special services (ISBN numbers, ISSN, notification, printing and CIP) / Special Service (e-Service)

    2nd Floor (2nd Floor)
          Thesis and Research / Thesis and Research Collection

    3rd floor (3rd floor)
         Rare Book / Rare Book Collection

    4th floor (4th floor)
         Books, writers and inscriptions (Ancient documents) / Manuscript AND Inscripton

Building 1, National Library

   1st Floor (1st Floor)
         - Public relations (Information)
         - Internet service room
         - Audiovisual service rooms: micro-forms, pictures, maps, etc.
         - Hall
         - Current service room, journal and newspaper

   2nd Floor (2nd Floor)
         - Room for general knowledge, philosophy, religion
         - Service room for social science, linguistics, science, technology
         - Korean Information Resource Corner

    3rd floor (3rd floor)
         - Room service for books, art, literature, geography, history
         - Book room about Thailand
         - Chinese Information Resource Room

    4th floor (4th floor)
         - Storage room for journals and newspapers And overtime

Other library buildings

King Vajiravudh Memorial Hall
     - King Rama VI service and related books
     - His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej Permanent exhibition of the wax figure King Rama VI

Music Library

   Music Library, King Rama IX
     - is a collection center for all kinds of royal songs Both in the form of television media, books, documents and music notes
     - Publicize the royal song for students, students and the public to study and research the correct and complete information.
     - A research center for academic work in music And give pleasure to the youth and people of all levels

  Sirindhorn Music Library
      - Conserve Thai music, Thai-international, folk and folk songs as national properties
      - Conserve cultural heritage Music and promote musical development to the present
      - is a center for academic information on music for study and research Researching Thai, international, Thai, Thai folk music and foreign music. There are both documents Academic, recording, recording, video and other audio media

Damrong Rajanubhab Library
       - Somdej's royal book service Krom Phraya Damrong Rajanubhab And books of royal celebrations as well as books that are related by Focusing on history, archeology, literature, politics, government tourism Religion and traditions, etc. and His Majesty's goods

Narathip Center for Social Science Research (Narathip Center for Research in Social Science)
        - His Majesty's books and documents Krommunnaraphip Pongpraphan, for example, plays the royal drama Wannawong Krom Muen Narathip Phongphraphan Rare books about Thailand Both Thai and foreign languages Law book Politics Language and literature Both as a thesis And His Majesty's books

 King Bhumibol Adulyadej Library, King Bhumibol Adulyadej Hall
        - Book service about His Majesty the King and royalty

National Library, Lat Krabang District honor
        - General book service, category 000 - 999
        - Thesis and research since 2003
        - Publications printed locally
        - Journal and newspaper