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National Library background

      National Library

               Is an agency under the Fine Arts Department Ministry of Culture Is responsible for collecting, collecting, preserving and conserving intellectual property, national arts and culture In the form of books, printed documents, ancient documents, including inscriptions, books, Thai books Including print media, audio-visual media and electronic media In addition, it also serves to provide knowledge and news to people in the nation.

               National Library Established by His Majesty the King in His Majesty the King. His Highness To combine the 3 Buddha images in the temple together Buddhasana Hall Montien Dharma Tower And the Wachirayan Book Hall And given the name Wachirayan Book Hall for Phra Nakhon on 12 October 1905, located at the Concordia Tower in the Grand Palace (now Sala Sathai Association)


     Sala Sahathai Building

               Later, King Rama VI His Highness To expand the new area to the Thaworawut Building On the road to Na Phra That His Highness presided over the opening of the building on 6 January 1916.

               In the reign of King Rama VII, His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej is pleased to expand the service area into 2 places, namely, all print letters and books of His Majesty King Rama VI. Vajiravudh Bookshop As for the stone inscription, Bai Lan, Thai book, Lai Nam Kheang cabinet, moved to serve the Siwok Mok Phiman Hall. Royal name Wachirayan Book Hall Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn graciously presided over the opening of the Wachirayayan Book and Hall of the Vajiravudh Book on 26 February 1926

               After changing the rule The government has a royal decree to set up the official regulations for the office and department in the Ministry of Dhamma, BE 2476, which stipulates that the Wachirayanya Book Tower for Phra Nakhon is the library library. Based in the Fine Arts Department After changing the name to National Library

               The National Library has developed in order. The property at the Thaworawut building is not enough. The Fine Arts Department then proceeded to construct a new building at Tha Wasukri. Completed in 1966 and began to provide services at new locations until now.

1975: Move the inscribed stone inscription stone from the Thaworawut building to the Wachirayanya Book Tower.
1979: Establish a Narathip Center for social science research. In the area of ​​the Thaworawut Building Na Pha That Road
1981: Tang Hor Wachira Wutthanusorn North of the National Library
1985: Opened at the new building (Building 3) behind the National Library building on 7 January 1985.
1990: Opening of the Tower of HM the King Bhumibol Adulyadej
1994: Opening of Sirindhorn Music Library
1997: Opening the Music Library, King Rama IX
1999: Opening service "National Library, Lat Krabang District honor"
2008: Establishment of the exhibition building in honor of King Rama V, at the Thaworawut Building, Na Phra That Road
2011: Opening of the National Library Building, Building 2
1971 - Present National Library in 11 regions